"I have grown up in a world made clearer through photography. Through the lens, one discovers a new perspective on the changing faces and forces of humanity and nature." Brooks de Wetter-Smith

Photography has been a lifelong passion for Brooks de Wetter-Smith.  His grandfather immigrated to the United States from Estonia with his family and his camera, making a living as an artist in a foreign culture.  Brooks has kept the family tradition alive, taking his camera across the globe on personal and professional expeditions.  His photographic instincts have led him to unexpected places -- from the peaks above Mt. Everest Base Camp to the Amazon rain forest; the Peruvian Andes to the deserts of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt; to the American Southwest; from his family roots in Estonia to the High Arctic and the desolate and virtually uninhabitable domain of Antarctica.

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Brooks de Wetter-Smith

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